Think of a version of the real life “Van Wilder” and you have found Oliver “Ali” Nejad, who is anything but ordinary. In fact, at only 29, this rising star has accomplished more than most people could in a lifetime. With a broad and rich knowledge of everything from cars, computers, and hi-tech gadgetry; to dating, collegiate culture, and sports; to music, movies, and poker, Nejad is the ultimate envelope pushing “man’s man.” Recognized for his success in the poker world, Nejad has made a career out of more than just the gamble of a good hand. Whether as a high stakes player, writer for both magazines and television, or as an MC/Host on some of TV’s best poker shows and local news shows, Oliver has made quite a lucrative life for himself -- and not just by the luck of the draw. Nejad’s talent and personality radiate off the TV screen, making him one of today’s most interesting talents. At least that’s what TV execs are saying as they compete to sweep him up as the lead man on some of their hottest shows.

It must have been in the cards for Nejad who was born and raised outside of Berkeley, California. There he grew up excelling at school and sports, all the while entertaining friends and family with his lighthearted and witty humor, but never considering a job in front of the camera. It wasn’t until high school, when his friends, recognizing his talent, pressured him to audition for a hosting position at a local youth magazine show. The outcome was as predicted; he snagged the role and unknowingly stumbled onto something bigger. Television and Nejad were an instant, natural fit.

After graduating from high school in 1996, Nejad enrolled at UC Berkeley and continued moving forward with his television career. While there he hosted two shows on the local NBC affiliate: First Cut and Hypertek further whetting his appetite for television.